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4D air fiber mattress independent pocket spring


4D air fiber mattress independent pocket spring


Type: fiber mattress

Material: spring

Mattress: thickness 28cm

Is it customizable: Yes

Does it have health care function: yes

Applicable people: adults

Specifications: 4D air fiber + independent pocket spring + 5CM edge protection ultra-quiet system + 3D technology breathable surface,


Volume: 1

Weight: 60KG

Style: light luxury

Space: Bedroom

Function: massage

Applicable objects: children, infants, adults, the elderly

    4D breathable fiber layer polymer elastic technology material

    Food contact grade 4D air fiber, environmentally friendly and healthy, can quickly discharge the heat and sweat generated by the body during sleep, keeping it breathable and dry.

    Highly breathable, not hot in summer and not stuffy in winter

    Can be rinsed directly and cleaning is no longer a problem

    Polymer elastic material does not collapse after sleeping for a long time

    Technology upstart 4D material provides multi-dimensional support and precise support

    The 4D material is made of POE as the original polymer material, and the black nest-shaped fiber is wound for scientific support. It is hard but not stiff, soft but not collapsed, and can provide 400,000 support points per square meter.

    The bionic silkworm cocoon structure is equivalent to hundreds of small springs

    4D fibers are tangled with each other, flexible and breathable, like countless springs wrapped around each other to support a balanced dispersion of body pressure, thereby reducing pressure on the lumbar spine and hips.