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Caterpillar bed modern master bedroom wabi-sabi style


Caterpillar bed modern master bedroom wabi-sabi style

Caterpillar fabric bed

Product Category: High Box

Style: wabi-sabi style


Specifications: solid wood fabric bed

Size: 1500mm*1900mm [frame structure], 1500mm*2000mm [frame structure], 1800mm*2000mm [frame structure], 1500mm*1900mm [air pressure structure], 1500mm*2000mm [air pressure structure], 1800mm*2000mm [air pressure structure]

structural pneumatic structure

Fabric: Velvet

Fabric finish: Craft wash

Whether with storage space: yes

Furniture structure: pneumatic structure

Space: Bedroom

Applicable objects: children, pets, babies, adults, the elderly

Function: multi-function, folding, bracket, lifting

Style details: leather stitching

Fabric bed: milk velvet suede matte technical cloth

    Cream-style "caterpillar bed" is super soft and comfortable with soft backrests

    Milk velvet fabric

    Creamy skin feels thick, soft and feels tight and delicate

    Full and full

    Give you better support and stronger support

    Imported doll cotton

    3:7 scientific filling ratio provides a stronger and more comfortable feeling

    Imported solid wood frame

    10-year-old molded imported wood is stronger and more stable

    Its unique shape and soft material allow you to walk in the sky, bringing you a free and comfortable modern home life. The skin-friendly fabric gives you a delicate and smooth texture and a sense of value.