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Italian light luxury leather bed modern simple master bedroom king bed


Italian light luxury leather bed modern simple master bedroom king bed

Style: modern simple

shape: rectangular

size: 1500mm*2000mm 1800mm*2000mm

Applicable number of people: 2 people

Color classification: Single bed (excluding mattress)

Whether to have a soft backrest: Yes Whether to have storage

space: No Leather

technology: Printing

Leather material: first-layer cowhide Packaging volume: customized



    Silky feel, noble lusterExquisite cushions perjectly

    Unique shaping designs, noble color selection, high-grade raw materials andexqusite craftsmanship,result in really supertor and classical works.

    Simple and casual

    Italian light luxury leather bed

    "Your physical and mental habitat in the bustling city

    (Use life to interpret taste]

    With simple style, craftsmanship, bold and creative environmentally friendly material selection, we deduce elegant and refined products, making each product both practical and usable.


    Collision with art

    Living an exquisite, light and luxurious art makes your figure in my eyes turn into a landscape that never fades.

    The first-layer cowhide soft cushion will be your gentle "backer"

    It is soft and sinks when you lean on it. You can feel the cushioning and comfortable support of your waist and enjoy the happiness of being wrapped at all times.

    High-density sponge filled export-grade anti-deformation sponge

    High-quality and high-rebound density sponge determines the soft bag's three-dimensional and full feel, uniform force, durability and no deformation.

    Full and soft backrest with good breathability

    Natural pore texture and high-quality lamb velvet fabrics are selected, and the delicate texture brings comfort

    Steel and wooden rack frame, low decibel deep sleep experience

    The main material of the rib frame is made of solid wood to reduce abnormal noise when turning over during sleep, so you can have a good sleep until dawn.

    Reinforced manganese steel frame with double rows of solid wood ribs

    10cm thickened pine board, 9-step toughness treatment, 3cm carbon steel square tube, 800kg load-bearing capacity ~ 5 adult men

    Russian larch wood fumigated against insects to make it more durable

    Russia is a high-quality pine growing area with stable wood quality, ensuring product quality from the source.

    Every inch is detail

    Don’t be afraid to magnify details, we are persistent in making every point better